Resubmit POF Ads with Ease – Greasemonkey Script

POF Approval Team got you down?

400 of your ads get declined because of a landing page issue?

Hate seeing this after a hard day of uploading?

Frustrated that there’s no simple solution for resubmitting ads in batch that were declined?

Want to turn the above into this with less effort?

As we all know, inconsistent reasoning or landing page issues can cause mass disapprovals and it just plain bites having to reupload everything.

Usually good ole’ Benjamin helps me sort it all out and I’m good to go …

After my recent frustration of submitting banners of all different IAB dimensions, for all different age groups using the lovely POF uploader ( and manually configuring the target country (new countries not supported by uploader at this point in time), I really didn’t want to do the whole process over again after all my ads were declined.

I was fed up, decided I would test out my coding ability and my lose my Greasemonkey Virginity, and decided to whip something up today that should hopefully provide a simple, not-so-elegant solution to my 1st world problem.

It may have taken up a good chunk of my day but it should save a lot of time down the track.

-Firefox (i’m using 8.0.1) –
-Greasemonkey plugin –…/greasemonkey/


After installing the above, you’ll need to snag my script from here (make sure the plugin is enabled.. top right hand corner, icon should look ‘active’).…mitter.user.js

How it works:


The reason I mentioned this above is because, if you don’t want to deal with pop-up boxes every time you navigate to a campaign with a declined ad or two, then you’ll leave it off until the time is right.

How to enable?

Well, once you are on the right page “ManageCreatives.aspx”, where there’s a declined ad/bunch of declined ads, it should show up in the drop down list.

Once you’ve enabled it, you can go ahead and open all your campaigns in a new tab and let it run on each one.

The way it works is, it goes through all ads marked as “Declined”, triggers the Edit button, hits submit without changing anything, and repeats the process until all declined ads are resubmitted.

It takes about 3 seconds to kick in once the page as reloaded (a timer had to be used so that page elements were rendered out before attempting to automate everything).

Known Issue
Sometimes, it may not resubmit all the ads due to slow loading times on the page..Try to keep it to 4-5 at a time, depending on your PC speed and internet connection speed..Firefox is known for being a memory hog so take it easy on the tabs!

Simple workaround for this is to just refresh the page if there’s still declined ads on it.

Hope people find this useful!

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