New To Internet Marketing? Take a Step Back and K.I.S.S

We have all been there before, the newbies of the IM world. There is so much information available today for the new marketer, but it seems that the fundamental prophecy written by the gods of affosphere has been lost in translation and newbies are just being ‘pwned’ left, right and centre – killing their motivation to succeed.

And what is this prophecy?

The K.I.S.S  factor!!!!

Now before I explain what it is, grab a marker and write this on your forehead – “Keep it Simple Stuipid”. Now every night before you got to bed and in the morning it is subconsiouslly embedded in your mind.

I can not tell you the amount of times someone has come to me, lacking motivation because their landing page suited to black women with pink hair, who are single moms and want love in Alaska was not working for them….

Or they jump into PPV and spend days on end trickling in 100 views a day because their targeting is so tight and they kill their dreams from 27 cent losses.

If you wanna make some money you have to K-I-S-S!

The first step for the new marketer I would say is jump on social traffic, particularly Facebook and Plenty of Fish.

Forget making custom landing pages, and go into your network and you will see 100’s of offers dedicated to niches, pre-tested by the advertiser to convert!

And you know what? They do convert and they convert well.

So if you are struggling still to make a profit online, even your first $100/day take a step back and leave those ultra mega guru tips to the professionals and build your base with the easier platforms.

Forget wasting hours on end tweaking a $5 campaign and go all out and dominate Plenty of fish’s niche targeting with the pre made niche offers available on your networks 🙂

I hope this helps somewhat and if anyone needs some more help on what I’m trying to convey here, drop a comment, drop an email and myself or Andrew will get back to you and help your poor newbie soul can get on the right track!


If you’re looking for further Affiliate Marketing Guidance, check out StackThatMoney. Best community of experienced marketers from around the globe, exclusive meetups, follow along’s, tutorials and the knowledge of a thousand sun-gods.


Can’t Decide on Tracking Software?

I’ve recently switched over to a new tracking platform called Thrive by the guys over at iPyxel which I love. It’s still in development, but is constantly improving and making strides, and the best part about it can be self-hosted. The offer a 30-day trial and it’s $99 a month thereafter which is well worth the investment.

Those on a smaller budget can still opt to go the CPVLab route, another favorite of mine but a little more outdated. It is, however, more suitable for PPV traffic if that’s your traffic of choice.


19-year old aspiring entrepreneur, affiliate marketer and all-round Australian mad-dog.

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  1. Hey maynzie, thanks for this post, you are really motivating me, I’ve seen your stuff in affplaybook and hope i can do half as well as you. I’m based in Qld, would love to connect with you and maybe get a bit of help getting my stuff of the ground?

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